Finer Options for the VPN Service Best

Finer Options for the VPN Service Best

VPNs can be used in many other ways. Since they encrypt the data, this allows users to prevent hackers from seeing their personal data. VPNs secure your data when you surf online and especially when you use public Wi-Fi with very little security such as “Free WiFi”, McDonald’s networks, bars, restaurants or airports. Using a VPN in this type of case allows you to make sure that no one is monitoring your traffic and stealing your passwords or credit card numbers.

The VPN Transfer

Since VPNs transfer their traffic to another network, you may also want to appear as if you were connected from another place on earth (another computer, another region, another country). This means that if you are physically located in Marseille, Hong Kong and that a US site refuses you access to its content because of your geographical position, you can use a VPN to change your IP address and thus appear in the United States. eyes of the rest of the world. This often happens with movies and series on Netflix whose content is reserved for Hong Kong customers for example. It also allows some smart guys to pay for their games and software at a lower cost. How? Just use a VPN to connect to the internet in a country that has very little tax on the dematerialized products, you pay your product on the internet and you download it on your computer! For the use of the HK VPN

  • On the more serious side, many people live in countries where government censorship does not allow them to access all pages of the internet (as in China) and other countries where surveillance is more discreet but all the same massive (Hong Kong or US). One of the best ways to get around censorship and surveillance is to use a secure VPN to appear in another part of the world.

Finer Options for the VPN Service Best

In addition to protecting you from state surveillance in Hong Kong, a VPN can also be useful to hide your activity from your internet service provider. Some ISPs (unscrupulous, in my opinion) in Hong Kong allow themselves to limit the bandwidth of their subscribers according to their use of their Internet connection. If you are at Free, your ISP may indeed know what type of software you are using and restrict your bandwidth accordingly. Many Free customers have complained about a sloppy connection to Netflix , the operator simply replied that the use of this service was testing his network and that he was forced to restrict the connection of some so that others can still connect to the internet. With the use of a VPN, your data is encrypted and your ISP is unable to decrypt them to determine what you are doing with your bandwidth.