What Do You Think of This New Poker Rule?

Lately the WSOP included a new regulation into the video game. You are no longer permitted to “tweet” at the table. I think they are afraid Twitter will certainly be the brand-new means to communicate with other gamers. Well, below is a brand-new online poker rule I believe demands to be included in competitive play. You are all-in pre-flop against one or more opponents that are likewise all-in. The hole cards are revealed and also you are plainly ahead. Pocket Kings against pocket 10’s. If a gamer who is not in hand makes a remark to you like “great hand,” “I like your hand,” or “you’re ahead.” And, you subsequently lose the hand, you are enabled to punish the player that talked by the following:

My New Poker Rule

What Do You Think of This New Poker Rule?

  1. a) Penalizing that player who talked one round
  2. b) Using that gamer’s chips rather than your own to benefit the loss
  3. c) Smacking that gamer who spoke across the head
  4. d) All of the above

I will let you determine the charge. Yeah, getting all-in situs poker terbaru pre-flop and also losing after somebody informs me exactly how they like my hand is taking place means frequently and making me ill. And, no, I have actually not stated a word to the gamer that spoke those words over. Actually, I assume we should expand this guideline to all-in on the flop or transform too. Any kind of various other new tournament casino poker rules that you think should be included right into the game? What do you believe? Do you have a new regulation? Certain, send me a tweet– yet not from the poker table– at Mitchell1969 It is the only reference publication to expose the plays the Pros use to win texas hold’em tournament. These plays are based on evaluating 20 years’ worth of competition texas hold’em methods and by actual play against Daniel Negreanu, Erick Lindgren, David Pham and also other leading pros.